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Getting buy-in

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I thought I was a master at that. But today we could not get buy-in for an internal project that we wanted to drive. We thought it was a great idea and people will jump off their seats. But that did not happen. Here’s some introspection on what we could have done better:

  • The team selling the idea should have spoken the same language. There were three of us trying to sell an idea to a team of about 25 people and we were not on the same page. Probably because we were overconfident about the merit of the idea.
  • Better planned. We came with a slide deck but we started using the whiteboard. It is a great idea to use the whiteboard but not when half the people have joined on the phone.
  • Positioned it right. We did not position the idea correctly. It came across as too much work even though in reality it is not.
  • Identified people who could have influenced. Typically in large groups there are a few people who can influence the rest. We did not make an effort to get a buy-in from them and then present to a larger group. Eventually the people who could have been influencers were actually the most vocal against the idea.  

Not given up though. I’ll figure out what to do hopefully..

Written by sameer

May 16th, 2008 at 6:08 pm