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My signature sucks

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My signature (hand) has been the way it is ever since I remember. In fact it probably does not even qualify as a signature since it’s merely an angular curved line with a couple of dots. I’ve always had people, including bankers, telling me how easy it is to copy my signature. I always mocked the comment saying I’ve nothing to lose! I’ve heard comments like “Is that your signature” or “Oh we actually wanted your signature” and mostly accompanied with giggles! In fact I’ve been quite embarrassed several times and contemplated changing my signature. However the administrative hassles involved with it – like getting them changed in legal and financial records – have discouraged me. And then there will always be the risk of signing it the new way for an entity whose record has my earlier signature, or vice versa. Well that’s that.

Whoa! There’s more. Today’s Bangalore Mirror has an article on handwriting/signature analysis. This is what Vishwas Heathcliff had to say about ‘illegible’ signatures:

……… A person who guards his inner feelings in public always maintains a certain degree of illegibility in signature……. Incidentally, signature shows how people behave in public and how they want others to perceive them. For instance, a girl with an illegible signature won’t possess a transparent nature and her activities – good or bad – can remain unknown for a long period…. In fact, illegible signature reflects and inclination to remain mysterious, impenetrable and enigmatic, but the reason behind the tendency can be both malicious and benevolent. One must check all aspects of handwriting before arriving at conclusions.

I guess I only like the last line! Yes I’d rather be enigmatic and impenetrable but not opaque.  Can’t impenetrable  be  opaque?  Can’t a clear glass be bullet proof! Also, I guess if I change my signature because others don’t like it, then how transparent will that be?! I don’t know…

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May 11th, 2008 at 11:47 am

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