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Powereless and Dry in Bangalore

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The IT City, aka Bangalore, still grapples with electricity and water. While there are scheduled power cuts for almost 18 hrs in a week (thanks to Bangalore Mirror for publishing) an equal number or more hours of cut are unscheduled. Well that’s a routine now and I guess I’m not cribbing yet! After all my apartment complex has a generator backup which lights up 1 tube-light and 1fan after “it’s dark” and I pay a hefty ‘maintenance fee’ for the little pleasure. And then I of course pay tax – direct and indirect, and yeah short term and long term and octroi and levies and this and that. So what if the total tax I pay is several times over the per capita income of the country. After all if I have the money I should manage everything on my own, besides paying tax of course!

The trigger of this rant is that there was no electricity and guess what, no water for two hours in the morning today. We do not get water from the government. We buy our water from private bodies who ‘supply’ water through their motorable tankers to our overhead water-tanks. Now this means that we need electricity to have water as well (electric motors pump up the water in the overhead tank)! Today there was no electricity. Nothing unusual. Typically the generator is switched on in such cases but today that conked off as well. So we were literally powerless and dry in Bangalore today for a couple of hours!

Wonder when we as a country will tackle such basic things in life!

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May 18th, 2008 at 12:41 pm

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Prez’s power bill: Rs 16cr in 5 years

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Yes, believe it or not, Rs 16.71 crore (USD 4m+) was the power bill for the President of India for the past 5 years while the prime minister of the country spent Rs 37.56 lakhs (USD 90k+) over the past 3 years. Forget about the money spent imagine the amount of ‘energy’ wasted. Wonder if the Govt. of India will ever “go green“!

Btw, these figures were revealed as a “Right to Information” response, so guess the citizens of India can now make the government bare it all. Good!

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May 10th, 2008 at 2:26 pm

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