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Corporate Circus, or is it?

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What happens when you put a bunch of insecure people together? Cat-fight? Rat Race? Circus? All of them? Well I guess most of us, including the ‘cats’, ‘rats’ and other ‘circus’ material, will pick Option D.

The working class is unsure of their future, their career and their lives because they work for someone for money. And that’s the reason why I call them insecure. They (read we) do not have the strength to live it on their own. Put such people together in a situation where they are competing with each other, directly as peers, or indirectly as reportees or managers and imagine what you get.

By the way, the reason I think there is a competition between reportees and managers is because the reportees often think that they are smarter than their bosses and hence ought to be in their place, and the managers often think that’s true, and sometimes, this is actually true! Also, the whole definition of peers is complicated – is it the people at the same ‘level’ in an organization (out of the zillion levels that exist no matter how ‘flat’ your organization is), is it the people who make similar money, is it the people who passed out of the same class, or what?

So be it peer, superior or subordinate, everybody wants a piece of ‘the’ cake. What is ‘the’ cake – well it’s more money and better respect I guess, but I’m sure the definition of the cake will also vary.

Since making your own cake is too complicated you make a large cake with others. This cake is being made and consumed at the same time. How do you keep getting bites of ‘the’ cake? The logic should be that you get to eat what you can produce. But that’s not how it works and don’t we all know that! So you pounce, push others out of your way, play dirty and whatever else you think will get you your piece.

But the big question now is that even if you make your own cake what’s the guarantee that a competitor will not pounce on it? Do the dynamics change? Probably only to the extent that you’re more motivated to save ‘your’ cake rather than ‘the’ cake. I don’t know…

Well I guess this is an endless thought that I don’t have the ability to conclude. So I better go, join back the circus as of now!

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May 15th, 2008 at 10:50 am

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