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Fighting terrorism

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I won’t talk about the recent shameful and dreadful terror attack on Mumbai per se – but on what to do next. My thoughts on how to fight this menace; not that I’m an expert… but just my two cents I guess.

We can’t hope for situations like this to get addressed by mere rhetoric or patriotism. We do need an investment in basic police infrastructure so that a Karkare doesn’t die fighting AK56s with a .303 rifle and a half sleeve bullet-proof vest! So that a bunch of boys do not come sailing in boats, land on the Gateway of India and start firing indiscriminately and take hundreds hostage; without the Information Bureau having no clue about it!

We do need a solid security infrastructure to fight this; maybe we already have one. But beyond building infrastructure we need reforms as well – why can’t we pay our armed forces and police better? Why do we raise a hue and cry over the 24 eggs that an army officer gets? You pay peanuts and you get monkeys… right?

And, we need to leave politics behind when it comes to fighting terror. Why do we need a Shivraj Patil as the home minister who has no idea about what he needs to do and has the audacity to continue staying in office despite terror attacks every few weeks? Now that he has quit (or fired) it seems fixed – but is it really? Is it about Patil himself, or is this a larger issue? Why does LK Advani have to say “Oh this is worse than the last time…”?

And, we need to fight corruption. It takes a bicycle, and not a passport, to come from Nepal/Bangladesh to India and then 200 Rs for a ration card. How can we allow this to happen? How can we sell our country for 200Rs? Is this how we grow at 8% year on year I wonder!

The Bottom-line: the main culprit is our so called ‘spirit’ to move on… heck how can we get so thick skinned. We’re concerned today, but will soon forget it like the hundreds other terror attacks in this country before. I think we only deserve it. I liked what Suhel Seth said yesterday on a TV channel – we need surgery not band-aids… we don’t need elections; call a national emergency and fix it NOW…

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December 1st, 2008 at 6:11 pm

The face of terror

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Or does it have any? It was a Friday afternoon and I had come out lunch with my colleagues in East Bangalore (RMZ Infinity, Old Madras Road). It must have been around 1:45 PM when a colleague got a phone call from a relative asking if he was safe.

Safe he was, but the call brought anxiety to the table faster than anyone’s imagination. There was a bomb blast in South Bangalore! Even before we could rush to the closest TV screen, in retrospect, 9 bombs exploded in different parts of the city. Of course we didn’t know then – but we did fear that it can’t be an isolated bomb blast and that serial blasts are going to follow. No place was safe. My mother usually goes out in the afternoons for her ‘satsanga’ sessions and the first thing I did was to call her and tell her not to step out of the house. My wife is luckily in Delhi, so thankfully the anxiety was half of what it could have been. Then I went to office, picked up my computer and directly drove home. Not sure if that was a good decision or bad (since hypothetically the office premises were safer than the roads).

Thankfully the bombs were low intensity and not much damage was done – of course two lives were lost and some people injured which IS huge damage. Enough to shake everyone a bit though, and as if that wasn’t enough what followed a day after was Ahemadabad – which was much gorier than Bangalore. Even hospitals were not spared with some explosions in front of the civic hospitals.

Who is India Mujahideen and does it have a face? Will we get to see that face? What is their motive? It’s not as if terrorism is something new to India but I hate it when people like you and me become so casual about it. We say that life must go on. We go out shopping the next day because we think the traffic will be less. How insensitive can we be!

We need to bring a stop to this. Why should innocent people lose their lives like this? Who is it helping and how?

Written by sameer

July 28th, 2008 at 11:30 am