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Web 2.0 in the organization

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Someone asked this question on LinkedIn and I was surprised to see responses like – “who has the time to blog” and “its and extra overhead” etc. Here are my two cents on the topic (that I posted as a reply there):

Completely echo Andrew’s thoughts. Just to add – knowledge workers need to ‘ask’ and ‘tell’ to be more effective in the way they do their work. Also, they are only interested in contextual knowledge – that means they only want to know what ‘they’ want to know. Given all these ‘common-sense’ observations, it makes sense to deploy contextual tools – and what’s better than Web 2.0.

A blog can be used effectively for internal communications and believe it or not, knowledge sharing. They are far better than “best practice documents” produced in a ‘standard’ and lengthy format, tagged un-intuitively. There are examples galore and I can respond back if someone disagrees. We have used these techniques very successfully at HP.

Afterthought.Some people have mentioned that it’s an overhead given they already receive 50+ emails a day. My only comment on that is that Blogs = Less Email. Think about an org announcement that needs to be sent out to all employees over email. Contrast that to it being available on the blog. Go figure the bandwidth saving! More – employees can subscribe to the feed of the blog and view the notifications at their own convenience. Lastly, everything put on the blog is available literally forever, whereas “email is where knowledge goes to die”.

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May 10th, 2008 at 2:14 pm

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